Certificado de Excelência 2016


Praia do Farol Beach Inn offers several services to make it sure its guests will have an excellent stay.


Among them, we can quote:

  • Complete Colonial Breakfast
  • Room Service
  • Wireless internet in all the rooms
  • Beach Umbrella and Beach Chair
  • Rain Coats
  • Several Games (cards, chess, etc)
  • Volley balls
  • Frisbie



  • Laundry
  • Boat Crossing for excursion groups
  • Telephone services
  • Internet
  • Bicycle, Stand Up paddle, and Cayak Rentals
  • Reception Services (land)
  • Reception Services (sea)
  • Boat Rides (click here to get further details)
  • Fishing and Diving
  • Local Guide for Trekking
  • Exclusive Boats for Rides
  • Restaurant and Snack Bar exclusive for the guests.
  • Convenience Store


Boat Rides


A boat ride on the Ilha das Peças

Redoubt Dolphin.
This tour can be split and made up to 4 people.


Guide 1 - Gruta das Encantadas - Ilha do Mel

Located in the Hill of identical name, Mermaids were supposed to have a shelter there. According to the legend, being betrayed by an slave , they ran away to beyond the seas. The legend says that every tourist that visits the cave must make a wish, which the mermaids will make come true, helped by their spirits that wander around the place.



Guide 2 - Ilha das Peças

A refuge for dolphins, a wonderful ride where these animals can be easily seen.



Guide 3 - Ilha de Superagui

The world’s second lagoon estuary, it enchants its visitors with its people’s simplicity, living throughout many fishing villages. It is also famous for the beauty of its rain forests, full of trails where many different species of the Flora and Fauna can be seen. Some very rare wild species threatened of extinction find a shelter in this region.



Guide 4 - Guaraqueçaba

Involved between the sea and the woods, it is a very small coastal town with constructions in the colonial style. It has the greatest portion of preserved rain forest of the planet. The first of these areas is Salto Morato, a very imposing waterfall from where water falls off an 80 m high cliff.



Max number of passengers: 08 people