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Honey Island

Sweet as its name, enchanting as the sincere smile of its people, romantic as the moonlight nights, mysterious as its legends, charming as the colourful tone of its afternoons, shining as the stars that flicker in its nights, Ilha do Mel (or, “Honey Island”) is a paradise molded by the strength of the wind and tides, a definitive encounter with the joy of life.

There, where man has made it rise imposing, Farol das Conchas (The Shell Lighthouse) guides those who come from the sea with its glowing, powerful lights. Embedded in the hillsides of Morro da Baleia (Whale’s Hill), the Fortress of Our Lady of Prazeres, makes us travel through the time, remitting us to the epoch of pirates and corsaries.

Covered by green woods and enclosured by the capricious contour of its beaches of clear waters, the island stands ignoring the destructive march of progress, kept in verse and prose in the hearts and minds of those who enjoy it. An ecological patrimony not only of the people of the state of Parana, but of the whole mankind as well, Ilha do Mel has 95% of its area composed by ecosystems of mangrove and Atlantic tropical rain forest, which has elevated it to the condition of ecological station in 1982.


Walking tracks can be found on its hills and plains, which give access to observation spots of beautiful landscapes where you can observe wonderful different species of animals and vegetables, making it possible for the tourist to find an enchanting reality, where the sea breeze and the smell of the woods compose a very particular aroma.


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Pics by Helker Leandri e Takao Takayama


The sea itself is also one of the attractions. The bath in the salted waters not only results in body relaxing but also in a peace of mind adequate to the involvement with the environmental richness of the pretty place. Ilha do Mel is registered in the Artistic and Historical Patrimony of the State of Parana under the nr. 56/1975, aiming at the preservation of the Flora and Fauna of the region, and even the historical , archaeological and architectonical aspects.


It is administrated by the TTCF/IAP Institute since 1982. All of this costs to the tourist just some cares: give all the garbage a correct destination due to the respect for the Fauna and Flora. A place like that deserves our attention with the best way to show our love and respect for nature.


How to get there


Ilha do Mel (“Honey Island”) is located in the coast of the state of Parana, about 2,5 miles away from Pontal do Sul and 15 miles away from Paranagua. See some maps below and further information about the embarkation terminals.


» Maps

Localization of Honey Island in Brazil

Localization of Honey Island in State of Paraná

Map of Honey Island


» Embarkation(Boarding) Terminals



» Duration: 1h 30m
» Embarkation Place: General Carneiro Street ("Rua da Praia") in front of the Tourist Information Office.
» Schedule:

» Price: R$ 35.00(a head). Boats with capacity for 40, 80 and 100 passangers.
» Information: (41) 3455-2616

Pontal do Sul

» Duration: 30 m
» Embarkation Place: Buses go up to the embarkation terminal. For those who go by car, it’s quite easy the embarkation terminal.

» Schedule: Monday to Friday (every hour from 8 am to 6 pm); Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, every thirty minutes from 8 am to 7 pm.
» Information: (0xx41) 455-1144


Where to go


The Fortress of Our Lady of Prazeres

Also called fortress of Barra, it was built in 1767 on the orders of D. Jose I, king of Portugal. Its objective was not only to protect the place itself, but also the whole country, since Paranagua is one of the most important Brazilian ports. In 1850, at this fortress, the Cormorant Battle marked a milestone in the history of Paranagua.

Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres

Pic by Takao Takayama


Farol das Conchas(the Shell Lighthouse)

The landscape that identifies the island is located on Morro das Conchas (Shell Hill) having been built on the orders of D. Pedro II, emperor of Brazil. It fulfills since 1872 until our days its main objective, that is, to guide the navigators who sail into the Paranagua Bay.


Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres

Pic by Takao Takayama

A Gruta das Encantadas(the Encantadas’ Cave)

Situated at the southern part of the island, the cave is involved in legends and fantastic stories about beautiful women who cast a spell on those who come close to them.


Belo’s Trail

It is a wonderful trail through the woods where you can see the beautiful and rich native vegetation, leading you to Belo’s beach where beauty and nature merge in the most beautiful sunset of the whole island.



The island has great beaches both for bath and surfing. See some of them: Prainha, Nova Brasilia, Limoeiro, Cassual, Fortaleza, Farol, Grande, Miguel, Fora. All of them of a wonderful beauty; some of them with amazing wild aspects.


Forro (traditional native dance)

A traditional native dance of the island, where locals and tourists get together in a musical swing of much joy and carelessness, animated by the native local band Forro Terraya.


Winter Festivals

Mullet and St. Peter’s Festivals.


Natural aspects

Situates about 15 miles away from Paranagua and with its closest point from the mainland at about 2,5 miles from Pontal do Sul, Ilha do Mel in Paranagua Bay, is made up of two portions of land united by a very narrow isthmus. The first portion is almost eliptical and 8 km long, with 22 sq/km of area. It is about five times bigger than the second portion that is irregular and deviates to the south, with 5 km long, having six elevations. The highest of them, Bento Alves Hill reaches up to 160 m. The largest portion, which makes a way into Paranagua Bay, is almost at the sea level, but it has calm waters.



The island has the shape of a whale and the ecological station area (2585 ha) is the body, and the inhabited part, the tail. Its vegetation is extremely diversified with rain forests, woods and mangroves. The island also has a floating population composed by people who own summery houses.